About Us



Luxe Bella Premium Virgin Extensions was created to provide a new way to obtain the best virgin remy hair. We are a brand committed to offering a new virgin remy hair experience while offering the best, most luxurious virgin hair extensions at the lowest possible price. Great hair. Great value. That is true luxury. That is Luxe Bella.

The Story

Luxe Bella Premium Virgin Extensions was started in 2017 by a former high school teacher who became fascinated by the excitement hair extensions engendered among many of his female students. Surprised at how learned and adept the girls were at the entire hair extension process, he became curious and went on a months’ long journey to study hair extensions and the entire trade. He quickly learned that the holy grail of hair is 100% virgin remy hair and that the entire industry hinges on domestic hair distributors keeping this supply of hair out of the hands of stylists, beauticians, and salon owners who drive demand and the market. He further found that by promoting a fractured and combative industry culture, domestic hair distributors can charge exorbitant prices for fake or low-grade hair while marketing it as premium virgin remy hair. This practice is particularly prevalent in the economically distressed areas where he taught. The sad reality, he found, is that his students, who held so much hope for hair extensions and what they could offer their futures, were systematically locked out of any real benefits of that hair. Until now.

Through his search and with the help of an Indian IT programmer friend, he discovered a bottleneck of hundreds of millions of pounds of pure virgin remy hair from the temples of southern India that were seeking entry into America’s port, but found resistance by American hair distributors. These, he found, were the same distributors who resist stylists, beauticians, and salon owners from obtaining pure virgin remy hair. He wondered what would happen if he could bypass domestic distributors and was able to connect the vast supply of premium virgin remy with salon owners, stylists, and beauticians in America? With that idea, Luxe Bella Premium Virgin Extensions was born.

Luxe Bella revolutionizes and expands the virgin remy hair market through an innovative supply chain strategy which creates a pipeline of virgin remy hair from the temples of southern India straight to salons, stylists, and hair enthusiasts in the United States. A new sales strategy which combines online sales with wholesale supply operations, Luxe Bella unleashes the sales and market potential of salon owners, stylists, and beauticians who drive the market for hair extensions and charts a new chapter in virgin remy hair.

Why Luxe Bella Human Hair Extensions?

Most so-called 100% virgin remy human hair on the market is chemically processed Chinese hair. Hair traders remove the hair’s cuticle and chemically bond different pieces of hair together to make one hair product. This increases the profits of the traders but produces hair extensions that tangle, shed, and becomes dull and lifeless after only a few washes.

Luxe Bella hair is 100% human, and each of the unique hair pieces is sourced from one donor, never to be mixed with hair from another source. We do not mix our hair with hair from different regions around the globe. Synthetics hair pieces are never used or added to any Luxe Bella hair product. Our hair is never chemically processed or altered. Chinese virgin remy hair dominates the global hair supply, but is known for being coarse, thick, and difficult to style. However, Indian hair is coveted by stylists worldwide because of its resemblance to European hair and its ability to take on many styles and textures.

Yet, all Indian hair extensions are not created equal. 90 percent of hair sourced from India is collected from villagers who scavenge waste baskets, sewers, and the hair brushes of locals to sell it to hair traders. Luxe Bella sources its virgin remy hair exclusively from temples where pilgrims donate the hair directly and where it is collected, cleaned, and treated, to be sold on the international market. We source exclusively from temples from the rural areas of Andhra Pradesh, because unlike temples in the northern provinces of India, chemical based cleaners like shampoos and conditioners are almost never used. Natural and organic cleaners, such as coconut oil, is often used to clean the hair pieces of donors in this region. This renders a hair product that is thick, lustrous, long lasting, and offers the ultimate in coloring and styling options. Luxe Bella Premium Virgin Extensions can be colored, curled, flat-ironed, and permed to create beautiful, lustrous hair that lasts for a year or more.